Friday in Waverly

Skirt: ASOS CPW: $5.00* similar

Shirt: Target CPW: $6.00* similar

Jacket: Thrifted/Old Navy CPW: $3.49* similar/new version

Shoes: Gift/Payless similar

Watch: Gift/Nixon similar

Earrings: Lauren Conrad/Kohls CPW: $0.48* similar

Total Cost Per Wear (per Stylebook): $14.97

*Items purchased before I started using Stylebook

Let’s all just take a moment to acknowledge the fact that my calves are weirdly darker than the rest of me. Is it a weird tan? A weird shadow? Who knows? I’m going with a sock tan line because it amuses me.

We went out of town for our anniversary this past weekend, and we stayed in a bed and breakfast in Waverly, Georgia, on Friday night. The bed and breakfast was located on a beautiful, extensive piece of land, so we did a lot of roaming and then went fishing in the pond. My husband caught nothing. I only caught a very large branch. I am still trying to decide who won that round: did I, because I at least caught something, or did he, because he did not experience the embarrassment of catching a very large branch?

Anyway, on to the outfit.

I picked it out the previous Sunday, and I almost wore it exactly as planned! The only thing I changed was that I had initially planned on wearing my striped d’Orsay flats, but settled for my trusty, comfortable loafers instead.

This skirt is one of my favorites. I bought it four years ago from ASOS, and it has held up through dozens of washes. It does not wrinkle, and it does not fade. It transitions easily from casual to dressy. I probably should have bought it in a few more colors (black, navy, and olive would have been ideal), but at the time, I was really tight on money, and the red was the only version on sale. Now, of course, it is out of stock.

Lesson learned: when you find the perfect skirt, buy four.

Bonus take because I love the lighting, even though it washes me out: 



Happy Monday!


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