Azalea Season

Skirt: Goodwill similar CPW: $0.41*

Shirt: Goodwill/Van Heusen similar CPW: $1.99*

Cardigan: Target similar CPW: $4.90*

Shoes: Ross/Seychelles similar CPW: $4.25*

Watch:  Gift similar

Total Cost Per Wear: $11.55

This outfit is a laid-back combination of some really, really old wardrobe items. The oldest item is definitely the denim skirt (which I forgot to iron. I am so sorry!) I got this skirt back in my junior year of…high school. I think this is the second oldest item in my current wardrobe, the oldest being a really ragged brown and cream striped Gap t-shirt which I probably should thrown away. This skirt has been through a lot: a really unfortunate hair cut, a really unfortunate hair dye, a really unfortunate dating career, some really unfortunate outfit decisions, and the really unfortunate decision to try to close the slit in the front of said skirt with hot glue. Really. Hot glue. High school me? A little lacking in common sense.

The next oldest item is the cardigan, purchased from Target in my freshman year of college during the glory days of belting cardigans. Does anyone else remember those days?! I would wear this cardigan open, with a black, gold, or red belt cinched at my waist. Underneath, I would add a bright, solid-colored tank or camisole. *shudders*

On to the next item, the blouse. I rescued this shirt from my donate pile, where I had placed it because I thought it was too big. As it turned out, it was not too big; I was just wearing it wrong. Now, I use this blouse all the time. It is such a classic pattern and shape, and I am so happy I did not donate it!

The last, and newest item, is the shoes. Ankle strap shoes became popular a few years ago, and while I loved the look of them, I was not sure how long the trend would stick around. Finally, in 2016, I was doing some Christmas shopping at Ross, and I came across these guys. They were $17, but I bit the bullet and bought them. I justified the purchase as a Christmas present to myself. I have worn them constantly since then. I love how they look with tights, and they work well in Spring and Summer too.


I tried to copy Gus’s “looking thoughtfully off into the distance” pose. The results were less than stellar.


Happy Thursday!


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