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Sundry Work/Church Outfits (March 4th-March 13th) + a Yige Skirt Review

This is a quick roundup of some church and work outfits from the past week and a halfish. Some of them turned out good; others turned out good; but photographed terribly; and some…well, they got me through school. I will note, as always, that the asterisks denote items bought before January, when I started using Stylebook.

Skirt: Covington similarCPW: $2.49*

Sweater: Thrifted/J Crew Factory exact/updated version CPW: $0.79*

Jacket: Thrifted/Talbots similar CPW: $4.00

Shoes: Gift/Famous Footwear similar CPW: Free

Watch: Gift/Fossil exact CPW: $0.00

Necklace: I…have no idea. It is so old!! similar

Total Cost Per Wear: $7.28

This is one of the outfits that looked a lot better in person. I really liked the silhouette of it. Whenever I search for church outfit inspiration on Pinterest, I always see a lot of bright colors, prints, lace, and florals. While I definitely do not have anything against any of those (see my next Sunday outfit!), I like to go a little more understated on occasion. Also, I edited this photo for maximum details on the outfit, thereby leaving my face the literal color of sunshine.

Skirt: Van Heusen similar CPW: $5.33*

Blouse: thrifted/Van Heusen similar CPW: $1.33 

Blazer: gift/Lauren Conrad similar CPW:  $0.00

Shoes: Naturalizer similar CPW: $3.92*

Watch: gift/Nixon exact CPW: $0.00

Total Cost Per Wear: $10.58

Hello, my fake name is Jo, and I have terrible camera angles that make my torso look like a brachiosaurus’s neck.

Skirt: Liz Clairborne similar CPW: $0.70*

Blouse: Thrifted similar CPW: $3.99*

Cardigan: Thrifted/The Limited similar CPW: $1.33*

Shoes: Naturalizer similar CPW: $3.92*

Watch: gift/Nixon exact CPW: $0.00

Total Cost Per Wear: $9.94

This is probably the most stereotypical teacher outfit that I have. Simple skirt? Check. Patterned blouse? Check. Flats? Check. Neck bow? Check. Colored cardigan? Check. Sometimes, I just need some stereotypical teacher in my life.


Skirt: New York and Company similar CPW: $1.33

Sweater: Old Navy similar CPW: $2.49

Necklace: Gift/JC Penney similar CPW: $0.00

Shoes: Target similar CPW: $7.94*

Total Cost Per Wear: $11.96

I love this outfit in theory, but somehow, the actual version never quite lives up to my expectations. I still like to pull this outfit out, though, when I need something easy and comfortable. Also, I am including a gratuitous closeup to demonstrate that the sweater is (almost) the same color as my eyes.

Close enough, right?

Skirt: Ross similar CPW: $12.99

Sweater: Thrifted/J Crew Factory exact/updated version CPW: $0.79*

Blazer: Thrifted/F21 similar CPW: $4.99*

Shoes: Gift/Famous Footwear similar CPW: Free

Total Cost Per Wear: $18.77

You see? Sunday outfit with florals! This outfit was actually not my original plan, and I was a little bitter about wearing it. Does that happen to anyone else? It’s a perfectly good outfit, but it was not the one I had planned.


Skirt: Thrifted similar CPW: $0.83*

Sweater: Thrifted/Banana Republic similar CPW: $3.99*

Blazer: Thrifted/The Limited similar CPW: $0.49

Shoes: Kohl’s/Lauren Conrad similar CPW: $1.87*

Total Cost Per Wear: $7.18


Skirt: Liz Clairborne similar CPW: $0.70*

Shirt: Ross similar CPW: $6.00*

Blazer: gift/Kohl’s/Lauren Conrad similar CPW: $0.00

Necklace: JC Penney similar CPW: $1.25*

Loafers: Payless similar CPW: $1.66

Total Cost Per Wear: $9.61

And that’s it! I don’t know if any of those are remotely inspiring, but they are what I wore! I think sometimes it is easy to get discouraged seeing all of the perfect outfits on our feeds or Instagram, but I always try to remember that most of Instagram is the highlight reel. Sure, not every outfit is going to be inspirational, but if an outfit is serviceable and put together, then it served its purpose!


Last quick thing:

I promised on a previous post to provide a review of this skirt when I got it in. Well, it was delivered several days ago, and…I’m dropping it off to return today.

Pros: great length, great fit, fully lined, pockets!!!

Cons: material, quality


Note: that is not my dog crate. I am dog-sitting for my parents, and let me just say: never. again!

Obviously, this skirt was less than $20, so I was not expecting anything spectacular, but as a dedicated thrifter, if a piece of clothing costs more than $15, it is a big deal for me to buy it. As a matter of fact, over 92% of my wardrobe cost less than $25. If I’m going to spend money, I want the item to be almost perfect. This skirt, unfortunately, just did not meet expectations. I tried it on twice, and the zipper got stuck both times. Also, the material was just plain weird. It reminded me of one of those cheap plastic-y tablecloths. The black was also oddly light black, if that makes sense? And to top things off, I was worried about having to iron it every time. If you are less picky about material than me, then this skirt could be a great buy! The fit and shape is perfect!

Happy Saturday!


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