Thrifting Thursday: The 2018 Easter Dress Hunt Edition

Good morning, everyone!

For today’s post, I wanted to round up a few hits and misses from my recent thrifting excursions. I showed some of these on Instagram Stories a few days ago, but I wanted to show them here as well and talk more about why I made the decisions I did. We’ll start with the hits, all from Goodwill!

Before we begin, I will note that this is my favorite denim skirt from Ross a few years back, and the shoes are borrowed/stolen from Gus. They are from Target’s Converse brand, and they are ancient. I would love to get a new pair at some point.

On to thrifting finds!

First up, this simple cream sweater from Talbots. I have been looking for a dressier white blouse, and in absence of finding that, I think this cream sweater will fill some of the holes. It is mostly opaque, although I will still wear a neutral tank underneath just to be safe. I almost left this one behind, and to be honest, I’m still not sure I should have kept it! Only time will tell, I suppose. I should also point out that, while I have never bought anything from a Talbots store, I love finding their pieces in thrift stores. The quality is always top notch.

If you are caught up with my blog posts, then you already know about this amazing white t-shirt! I am still in love with it, and I need to do my laundry so that I can wear it again! The sleeves look a little odd on my arms in this picture, but I think I got them twisted a little when I put the shirt on, if that makes sense. This t-shirt is from Gap, and unfortunately, I cannot find anything similar on their website. If you are a frequent thrifter, I would definitely look out for this tee, or something similar too it!

I got this shirt to replace my old chambray shirt that has a tiny hole in it. The brand on this one is Seven7, and it is a lighter color than my old one, as well, which I think will be much more versatile. To be honest, I mostly got it because it reminded me of Joanna Gaines. Prepare to see it, at some point, unbuttoned over a neutral t-shirt with dark denim and ankle boots. I’m sure the resemblance will be uncanny. I mean, the only thing missing will be the willowy shape, long, flowing locks, and perfectly-tan skin.

I got this sweater to replace my old grey cardigan, which I got from Forever 21 my freshman year of college, so…six years ago? That old cardigan was, by far, the best thing I have ever found at a Forever 21. It has been washed dozens upon dozens of times, and it has held up admirably. Unfortunately, I am not quite the same size as I was six years ago, and I like a looser fit  in general now, so it had to go! I will probably hand it down to my youngest sister and see if it lasts another six years for her! Anyway, back to the cardigan at hand. It is American Eagle, and I am in love with the extra long sleeves which makes it feel so cozy!

This simple blue button up is from LOFT, and I really liked the color and feel of it. I think I will be able to wear it for school like a dressier version of chambray. I have all sorts of plans for this shirt, so stay tuned!

Last, but not least for the hits, this gingham skirt! I already posted an outfit with this skirt, but wanted to reiterate that it is lined and has pockets and is thus the skirt of my dreams.

Now for some misses!

The first batch is from a consignment shop called Fifi’s. Their prices are rather steep, so I only go there to check out their 70% off room. On this occasion, however, I was on the hunt for an Easter dress, so I grabbed a lot of dresses to try on.

I had high hopes for this dress. I was picturing a retro, Jackie O vibe that I could wear with pointy flats. Unfortunately, it was a touch too small and too short. No Jackie O vibes for me!

This dress fit me perfectly up top, and was too tight and too short everywhere else. I am kind of in love with this dress, though, so if anyone reading this is 5’0″ and 120 lbs, please email me, and I will go buy this dress for you so I can enjoy it vicariously.

Obviously, this is not the right topper for this dress. I was picturing it as an easy summer dress with a denim jacket thrown over it and some simple sandals. Weirdly, though, the back was loose, but really clingy, and I felt like I would have to wear several layers underneath to keep things smooth. It just seemed like too much trouble and really hot…in a sticky, sweaty sort of way. Pass.

As you can tell from my face, I puzzled over this jacket for a bit, but in the end, I need an easy, dressier black jacket that can be thrown over anything, and this jacket felt too casual, and the asymmetrical cut meant that it would be too fussy for my purposes. Pass.

This dress was the only one I tried on at Fifi’s that was remotely long enough. This dress, though, was weird. The tag was cut out, the material felt like sweatery-wedding dress, and the sleeves were tacked on in a really odd way. I decided it was too Miss Havisham for me.

All you need to know about this dress is that it made me feel like a Kardashian.


After leaving Fifi’s, I decided to cross the street and finally visit the standalone Talbots. This is the only standalone Talbots I have ever seen, and look, it is so cute!

I walked in, oohed and aahed, then remembered that there is a reason that I do not shop at Talbots, and that is because I am poor and could never spend $59.90 on a clearance white blouse, no matter how cute. In official terms, I skedaddled. If you, however, have a spare couple of hundred to spend on some preppy sophistication, please feel free:

Just remember to send me a picture. I promise I will not be jealous.

After I left Talbots, I went over to another consignment store called Uptown Cheapskate, which caters more to Juniors brands, but can be good for some ASOS or H&M occasionally. Unfortunately for me, my dress searching went about like this:

Me: Heyyyyyy, that’s a cool pattern, I could put a denim jacket over..”

*pulls dress out further*


Ugh. Ninja-panted jumpsuits are my nemesis.

And that was the end of my Easter Dress Hunt: The Thrifting Edition. I do *fingers crossed* think I have found a good option at Target. I am hoping and praying that they still have my size when I head back today!

How about you guys? Any good thrifting finds lately? Any misses?

Happy Thursday!



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