The “Little” Black Dress

Hello All,

Obviously, LBD’s get a bad rep, but I finally found one that isn’t inappropriate or boring. AND this one kind of has a waist. I also stole it from my little sister for the weekend, but that’s just a minor detail. It’s such a rarity for me to find a dress that fits so I took advantage of her being away for the week. My typical dress shopping usually ends with the following kinds of dresses:

  1. The “Just Too Short” – The stretchy ones get me the worst! I’m easily fooled when they’re hanging on the rack, but once they’re on, the depression sets in. I can pull them down as much as I want, but they’ll always rest happily right above my knee. Or, even worse- they hang just at my knee but any movement swings them soaring too high.
  2. The “Holy Cow, That’s Tight” – These are a huge detriment to my confidence level. They look so sleek and promising, until I slide them on and then, bam! I start wondering if I’ve been doing thousands of squats in my sleep.
  3. The “I Need A Push-up” – I’m not trying to be inappropriate, but literally, for these types of dresses, this is my only option. I need to go to Ross and find me a brand new Jessica Simpson push-up. So many dresses are made for womanly body types, and I simply don’t have that physique just yet. Sigh.
  4. The “I Didn’t Even Get It On All the Way” – These could have a number of things wrong with them. Perhaps I saw the price as I pulled it on. Maybe I knew it was too tight or too big. Or maybe I saw the pattern in a different light and figured I didn’t want to look like a toucan with a bad case of the measles.
  5. The “I Look Like Someone Else” – This is possibly my least favorite let-down. Perhaps it fits all right, but it just isn’t me. I happened upon one of these recently at my favorite Goodwill. It was a nice  blue and white patterned maxi skirt. It fit perfectly, but the longer I looked at it in the mirror, the more I realized I could never wear it confidently. It simply wasn’t my style. I looked like my aunt’s next door neighbor’s hair dresser, not Gus.
  6. The “Awkward Length” – I’m not quite sure how to explain it, but this is the length that maxi skirts should not be. For me, it hits right above my ankle, almost mid-calf. This leaves me with fabulous cankles. I’m not really that tall, but I seem to have a knack for picking out maxi dresses for shorter females. Again, sigh.


This dress similar doesn’t have a good match that I could find, partly because it was an Amazon find. It’s also completely modest, which is epic. The material is thick enough to leave you line-free, but not so thick that I was thinking of relocating to the Arctic on this toasty Florida Sunday. It hangs below the knee and though I chased small children around all day (Bus ministry- I’m not a weirdo) and participated in candy throws, nursing home services, and much more, I never had to worry about being immodest. It was a glorious Sunday.

The shoes similar are some of my favorite finds as of late. They’re so versatile, and they’re squishy so I can walk for miles if I wanted to and not get toe cramps! Lovely.

Well, there it is. I finally found an LBD, and it’s not mine. Dream on, Gus. Thank you for reading, and I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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  • Elizabeth

    This is the perfect dress and looks so flattering on you! And haha, I’m glad you explained the whole chasing kids around thing so we didn’t think you were a creepy weirdo..haha!

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