New Silhouettes


Skirt: Ross, similarCPW: $1.71*

Blouse: Thrifted/Free, similarCPW: $0.00

Shoes: Sears, similarCPW: $23.00* 

Purse: Target, similarCPW: n/a

Watch: gift/Nixon, exact  CPW: $0.00

*denotes items purchased before I started using Stylebook

Total Cost Per Wear: $24.71

I combined two outfits today because they feature items bought on the same day, from a small consignment shop in our area called Mrs. Mulligan’s. It is quite a cute shop, and I had $17.87 of store credit that had been sitting there for months. I went in periodically and never found anything I liked, even anything worth getting for free! On Friday, though, I went in and chose three pieces: a navy floral blouse, a cream lace blouse, and a gold cuff, which will be featured in my next post. All three of these silhouettes are new for me: the navy floral blouse is a lot longer and looser than I typically wear, the lace blouse was shorter and boxier, and the cuff is my first ever cuff bracelet! Since I have gotten into the habit of wearing a watch, I typically do not wear bracelets at all unless it is my hair tie holder bangle.

I was quite excited to wear my new loot, so I brought them home and wore them all within three days. After wearing them, I love them even more.

First up, the navy blouse. Since the blouse was quite loose (you can really tell how loose and long it is in the last picture), I knew I had a few options to balance it out:

  1. Tuck it
  2. Wear a cardigan or jacket over it
  3. Belt it
  4. Add more streamlined supporting acts

Since I was wearing this for a date night with my husband, and I knew that I would be eating a whole lot of crab cake, I decided to go with the comfiest option: option #4. Accordingly, I paired it with my straightest denim skirt, my simple gold initial necklace, a blush pink headband, and then my old cognac wedges. This was my first time wearing these wedges this year; I really need to replace them (they are on my list of Spring/Summer Wardrobe Holes).  They are still rather comfortable though, a good thing considering that we walked after dinner for almost two and a half miles! During that two and a half mile walk, we tried rather unsuccessfully to get good photos. We were limited by our almost complete lack of photography skills, the weird angle of the sun, and, as always, my utter inability to pose like a normal human being.

Here are two of our failed attempts.

This was the first try, where I look like I am standing in a muddy canal and the lighting is just plain weird.

This was our next try. Picture my husband saying patiently, “No, just look out over the water. Stop laughing.” and then me giggling incessantly like a weirdo, followed by a violent coughing fit (I found out I have bronchitis; yay!!!!!).

In our last attempt, the lighting was still awkward, but at least I have a random Tebo in the concrete to comfort me.

And….this is the point where I apologize yet again for our inferior photo quality.

Let’s move on to outfit #2.

Skirt: Thrifted/ASOS, similar (different color), CPW: $2.49

Blouse:thrifted/Lauren Conrad, similar CPW: $2.00

Necklace: JC Penny, similarCPW: $0.90*

Shoes: Naturalizer, similar CPW: $10.00*

Total Cost Per Wear: $15.39

I wore this outfit on Sunday, a very good Sunday. Actually, it was a very good weekend, in general. We got two naps! We made homemade pizza! Our close friends were in town! We did yard work! I had two visitors in my Sunday School class! I had good hair days! I broke out my sewing kit! We watched an old Western! We had our favorite tacos!

Now I don’t have a segue back to the outfit…


So…the first thing I thought of wearing with this blouse was my favorite pleated skirt. I was initially worried that the loose on loose silhouette would be a little frumpy, so to combat that, I wore heels and then added a pendant necklace. In my head, the pendant necklace helps to draw the eye down, which makes the blouse appear more fitted than it is. I’m not sure if that’s really the case; I just know that the outfit needed a pendant necklace!

I mentioned on Instagram that this blouse has adorable bows on the back of it. I took pictures of these, but a) I was slouching, and b) the back was a little wrinkled, so I’ll save pictures of that for next time.

Overall, I L-O-V-E-D this outfit. I felt classy, romantic, and a little bit Downton Abbey-ish (something about the shape of the blouse with the long necklace? Maybe? I don’t know; probably wishful thinking).

I cannot wait to wear this blouse again. Next time, I am thinking a black pencil skirt with the same necklace and leopard flats…or maybe with denim and my striped flats…or maybe with my maroon pencil skirt and ankle stap flats…

Stay tuned!

Happy Tuesday!





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