Gingham Three Ways

Good afternoon, everyone!

As I am sure you are all aware, gingham is a really big trend right now, and this is something I am quite excited about! Gingham, of course, is a classic pattern and has been around for at least a century, but recently it has become a quintessential spring and summer pattern.

I have a few gingham pieces, and I wanted to show three ways that I wore them recently. As mentioned before, I do not often participate in trends, both for personal and financial reasons, and when I do, I try hard to those interpret trends in a classic way. One of my personal style goals is to dress timelessly. Am I always successful? Of course not! But you know what they say: “Reach for the moon,” etc., etc.

We’ll go through this chronologically:

First up:

Skirt: JC Penny, exact CPW: $0.37*

Blouse: The Limited (RIP), similar CPW: $2.66*

Blazer: Thrifted/Forever 21, similar CPW: $2.49*

Shoes: Target, similar CPW: $1.41*

Purse: Target, similar

*denotes items purchased before using Stylebook

Total Cost Per Wear: $6.93

I wore this outfit for teaching a few Wednesdays ago. I came up with the outfit on Tuesday night approximately 37 seconds before I fell asleep! As I mentioned on Instagram, I have had these wardrobe pieces for years (the newest item is the gingham blouse, and it is almost two years old), but I had never worn them together! I had been inspired by some outfits on Pinterest to wear a fitted blazer with a loose blouse, and I really enjoyed how this outfit turned out. The blouse, with its loose peplum and gingham pattern, is definitely trendy, but the blazer, pencil skirt, and flats keep things balanced and classic. I think I will be wearing this combination again very soon!

Random fun fact: I have had really good luck thrifting good quality blazers from Forever 21. This particular one is fully lined, and the material is thick and substantial.

Next up!

Skirt: Thrifted/Nordstrom, similar CPW: $1.66

Sweater: Old Navy, similar CPW: $4.98*

Shoes: Naturalizer, similar CPW: $2.50*

Pendant necklace: Kohls, similar CPW: $1.25*

Short necklace: gift/vintage

Total Cost Per Wear: $10.39

The only other gingham item in my wardrobe is this thrifted skirt that I purchased a few months back. I am still quite in love with it, even though I have only worn it three times so far. For school, I combined it with a thin, relaxed Old Navy sweater. I found this sweater on clearance two years ago. I bought it in two colors: cobalt and olive, and I wish I had bought it in every single color they had! The shape is perfect: dropped shoulders, relaxed fit, slightly high-low hem, crew neckline. As you can see, my shoes are on their last leg! They only have to make it for two more weeks though,and then I will get to pick out some new shoes for next year! I am thinking of getting these or these!


Skirt: thrifted/Nordstrom, similar CPW: $1.66

Tee: Target, similar CPW: $1.66*

Shoes: thrifted/Target, similar CPW: $0.00

Total Cost Per Wear: $3.32

We took these pictures on the same day as the outfit above. We were planning on going for a walk after dinner, and while my school shoes are comfortable, they are not that comfortable, so I changed into sneakers and a simple t-shirt. These Converse are ancient. If I remember properly, Gus originally thrifted them in 9th grade, and I took them after she was ready to retire them. They are at least 8 years old, but I love how they look, so I will be really sad when I have to retire them for the third time! I will make sure to donate them to Goodwill, where maybe another 9th grader can find them and restart the process.

Looking at this outfit, I am kicking myself for not grabbing my denim jacket, even just for one or two photos! I would definitely not have worn it on the walk (it was 80+ degrees and 95% humidity), but I think the outfit pictures would have been better for it. I added it to the look in Stylebook, though, which comforted me just a little!



I do not have any random stories for you guys this time, so for now, have a wonderful weekend! I will be spending it eating my weight in bread at Longhorn’s, doing my ministries, going to church, watching the royal wedding (HATS and PAGEANTRY, you guys!!), and welcoming in my out of town family by doing an escape room. It’s going to be a good one!

Happy Friday!



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