Scarf Week

Hello all,

Occasionally, I like to plan out my weeks according to themes. I’ve had all natural week, bun week, winged eyeliner week, no shower week….. Just kidding about the last one. This past week, it was scarf week which meant I had to dig around in my closet for forty-five minutes before discovering my bag of scarves. They smelled like month-old sour cream and onion chips, but they’ve been marinating in dust for several months, so I guess I should have expected that. I know there’s only four photos, but that’s because my fifth scarf (I think it was Tuesday’s edition) was a significant let-down. Actually, I just forgot to take a photo. My groveling apologies.

Exhibit A: The Peacock Scarf

Supposedly, my sister bought it at Ross, and I’m completely in love with it. I like anything with cute animal prints, but the colors are especially vibrant as well.

Exhibit B: The “Maybe Next Time” Scarf

I’ve probably had this scarf for centuries and have worn it twice. This was the second time. But I really liked it against the grey, so there’s a chance I’ll wear it again in the future.

Exhibit C: The Funky Floral Scarf

I apologize for the atrocious quality of this photo, but I really like the tiles in the Starbucks that I go to practically every day. This scarf was also a gift from my little sister, and I have a feeling I will be wearing it a lot come autumn. Besides, yellow is one of my new favorite colors, and I like finding new ways to wear it.

Exhibit D: The “It’s Taking Over My Shirt” scarf

This was Friday’s edition, and I must confess, I had quite given up at this point. This scarf is big. Huge. Massive. It’s like wearing a beach towel wrapped around your neck, but the good news is that I can wear any shirt underneath and no one will ever know what it is. For instance, this white shirt- that you can’t see, but I promise is there- got ruined in the washer machine thanks to some unhappy colored t-shirts, and I salvaged it with this scarf because no one will ever see the little freckles by the neckline. Thank you, giant scarf.

So there you have it- Scarf Week. This week is “Heels Week” so my calves are getting quite the work-out. Wish me luck.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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