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Thrifting Thursday & Dressing Room Try-ons, Vol. 2

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Today, I have a round up of my recent thrifting and retail adventures. Out of all the things I liked and/or tried on, I succeeded in buying only three things for a grand total of $17. Are you proud of me yet? No? Let’s see if we can change that.

First up, some odds and ends from some various thrift stores.

Last Friday, I had some free time in between my grocery deliveries, so I stopped by one of my favorite Goodwills. I did not really need anything other than a striped boatneck t-shirt, but I was curious to see if their selection was as good as it was last time. Spoiler alert: no, it wasn’t.

The first thing I tried on was this dress. The brand was Japanese, and I forgot to take a picture of it, but I was intrigued by its pattern and overall modesty, so I gave it a shot. The fit looks alright from this angle, but…

…not so good in reality. I was really intrigued by this dress, and I even tried to think of someone I knew who could fit into it, but all my friends who would be tall enough for it are all a few sizes smaller than I, so I left this one at Goodwill.

Next, I tried on this Zara striped tee. It was a large, but I tried it on anyway because I am not familiar with Zara’s sizing, and I thought that an oversized fit could work. In the end, this was just too oversized. The picture above was, by far, at its most flattering angle!

This amazing Banana Republic moto jacket ended up being the only thing I bought at this Goodwill. I saw it from several aisles away and knew it had to be good quality. Trying the jacket on exceeded my expectations. I believe this jacket was from the Fall 2015 line, and I think it had to have cost at least $100-150 at retail! Needless to say, I was shocked that Goodwill had not sent this to their boutique or marked it up, considering the fact that this is the same Goodwill that tries to mark up Target and JC Penney brands. Of course, being a really good deal would not be as meaningful if the jacket had not fit, but thankfully, it did! Perfectly! I think this was $6 well spent.

I have not really jumped on the blush pink train yet, but I guess I will be this winter! I am planning to keep this jacket for at least this winter and see how versatile it ends up being. I may try to resell it on Poshmark if I do not wear it as much as I would like.

I tried on this Ralph Lauren pullover because I liked the idea of a comfy, preppy sweater for the winter, but it was just too big.


Another sweater! I definitely felt like Goodwill was full of everyone’s winter cast-off’s, which was fine by me! I will take good deals at any time of the year! This Old Navy sweater, though, was a pass. I loved the color, but the neckline was weirdly loose, and I knew I would have to constantly adjust it to keep straps from showing.

Also, in case you are curious, my denim skirt is LL Bean (I believe this one is the newer version; I got mine on clearance for about $12 last March), and the shoes are Dr. Scholl’s via Amazon.

This Forever21 skirt had such a lovely color, almost a jade green, and a nice, subtle pattern. Unfortunately, it was bad quality, and I could already see pills and loose threads. Also, I was not keen on the difference between the lining and the skirt. It made the skirt look too trendy, when I would be trying to go for a vintage vibe if I wore it.

Next up, I went to another thrift store just a mile or so from that Goodwill. I have only been to this one a few times, and it has never been that great for two reasons. First of all, they do not actually have that many clothes, and secondly, their prices are too high. I did not see any really interesting clothing, but I did pick up a random Gospel cd for my husband because we are dinosaurs who still use our cd/record player.

A few days later, I checked on another Goodwill that I do not think I had ever been to before! I was in the area for a grocery delivery, so I decided to drop in and see what they had. I did not dig extensively because my time was limited, but I did see these!

Obviously, the style is quite old-fashioned (not quite “vintage” yet!), but I had never seen Ferragamo’s “in the wild” before! I was going to pass these on to one of my friends who is a Poshmark reseller, but the resell value wasn’t high enough, so we both passed!

I loved these basically brand new Nine West flats, but they were too small for me, and I need shoes with more support for school.

I did buy this Banana navy blazer, because it fit perfectly, and navy is the one neutral color that I somehow do not have in my extensive blazer collection!

The last thrift store I checked for the day was one that used to have pretty great prices. I checked out their records first, and I was actually planning on buying a few classical ones, but then I checked out the shoes and saw this. 

$20 for “designer” shoes: Isaac Mizrahi for Target. 

I could rant endlessly about this, but instead, I’ll just say, “Nice try, random thrift store. Nice try.” I left the records behind in protest.

Moving on. 

That was the end of my thrifting adventures this week. The only other shopping I did was at *gasp* the mall, a place I haven’t been since, I believe, Christmas shopping last year? Anyway, I have been needing…well, “needing” a more loose boatneck, striped tee with navy stripes, or at least, stripes that could look navy if paired with navy, and I decided to check H&M and Forever21. When I arrived, there were midi skirts everywhere, so I grabbed a bunch to try on for fun.

At first, I hesitated linking these since I did not actually buy them, but then I remembered that we write a modest fashion blog, and modest skirts are still rather hard to find in brick and mortar stores! Because of that, I am linking the ones that are still, well, linkable.

Forever21 finds:

First of all, check out my accidental ~blogger dressing room try-on pose~. Quite impressive, right?

Anyway, this skirt was really cute and about $25, which I am told is a good price for a skirt, although I am too used to thrift store pricing to be convinced! The material seemed a little wrinkle prone, and it was not lined. Also, I would personally replace the belt, since it felt cheap.

This red midi was quite adorable, and it seemed like great quality (for Forever 21!) I already have a red midi, or I would have been sorely tempted! It had a nice waistband and zipper, and it was fully lined! Unfortunately, I cannot find this one on their website, even though there were plenty in the store! The closest online appears to be this one.

I really loved this black pleated midi skirt, but just didn’t bite the bullet. The quality seemed pretty good, and it was fully lined!

I was really close to buying this skirt too, but when I thought about it, a solid midi skirt would only split wears from my current collection of solid midi skirts and not actually create new outfit possibilities. The colors I would match with this one already match my maroon, red, and navy skirts, so this one would be superfluous, adorable as it is!

Again, in case you are curious, this tee was from Forever 21 as well (I grabbed it for trying on since my gingham blouse would not have matched). I would not recommend it, even for the $7 it cost because the quality was atrocious. The shoes are Seychelles from Ross. They are no longer online (these are as close as I could find!), but you might be able to find them in store at Ross!

The last place I stopped was H&M.

This white midi was adorable, but as you can sort of tell in this photo, not lined and thus, a little sheer. You would definitely need a slip with this! I loved the material though: thick, but comfortable and stretchy! I did not see this one listed online, unfortunately.

I thought this rust color was pretty unique, and again, the quality was great. Again, this one does not appear to be online that I can find, which is odd because there were a lot in store!

This floral midi was adorable and could easily be dressed up or down!

I can’t find this dress online either, but I was in love! Again, there were plenty of these in store, so not sure why they are not showing up.

Weirdly enough, the only pieces I bought were these striped tees. I tried them on in a medium because I wanted a loose fit, and boy, did I get a loose fit! I bought these both in a small because my striped tees were in desperate need of replacing. These were on clearance for $5 and $6, so they were not online.

I was extremely impressed, overall, by the modest options I saw in H&M, and their online offerings looked even better! I think I am going to be asking for H&M giftcards for my birthday!

Some more modest sirt options from H&M (including the navy skirt I wore in this post!):

Thank you for reading this extremely drawn-out post!

Happy Thursday!






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