Bless You, Van Heusen



Hello all,

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted, so I figured I should let you all know I’m still alive. Actually, I’m surprised I’m still here and kicking after the most unfortunate bout of food poisoning I had this past week. Lesson learned- don’t eat re-heated clam strips. It sounded like a good idea at the time, but my stomach is still holding a grudge. Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful week and even better weekend.

I know this won’t sound weird to anyone else except Jo, but these photos were actually taken by my younger brother. I begged him for some quick photos, and we were done in a minute tops, which was great because I was already sweating like a giraffe in its first yoga class. I would also like to point out that this is one of the very few times I’ve taken photos without my trusty hair tie on my wrist. There is hope after all!

Let me tell you the story behind my new favorite summer shirt. A few weeks ago, we had some family in town, and one of the plans was to spend a day shopping. My sister-in-law had a list of items she wanted to find, and we gladly went along for the ride. After copious amounts of sushi, we all waddled to the St. Augustine outlets where my sister-in-law began findings tons of good things. Being the ideal size for t-shirt dresses, she found several glorious items at Old Navy while I jealously looked on with my two random t-shirts. One of them said, “You can brew it!” with a coffee cup on it, so I guess I can’t be too angry. Still, I was rather discouraged because I was genuinely in the mood to shop and spend money on something amazing. We went to the outdoor outlets, and I fervently prayed for something epic only to run into store after store with nothing to show for it but more disappointment.

Then, we walked into Van Heusen. I pulled out shirt after shirt, looking for approval, but even my little sister was shaking her head. She’s not quite as opiniated as Jo, but has certainly saved me from some unfortunate and otherwise embarrassing purchases.

Then this shirt waved at me. Similar

You see, I always tell people that I only buy things that “speak to me”. It’s hard to explain, but I’m sure you all understand. If it catches my eye as soon as I see it, if I know I’ll regret it as soon as I walk away, if it tugs at my little heart strings- I buy it.

I’m usually not into really cute patterns because I’m more drawn to the boho or vintage styles, but these butterflies were so tastefully printed on this shirt, I couldn’t say no. Plus it got Jo’s and my little sisters’ blessing. Done deal.

Little does it know, but this precious, comfortable piece of clothing is going to be used in the fall as well. I cannot wait to play with the sweaters! Actually, I just can’t wait for fall in general. Oh, to live life without replacing deodorant every time one steps outside.

The skirt (similar) is my Nordstrom Rack find, and the shoes don’t exist on this side of the ocean apparently. I’ve searched for something similar and came up empty-handed.

Well, there you are. I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday!



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