Wardrobe Thoughts: January-June

Good afternoon, everyone!

Before I begin, I should worn you all that this is going to be a very long post, and (most likely) one that is interesting only to me! For quite a while, I have been trying to be more intentional with what I wear and what clothes I buy. I wrote a blog post a few weeks back about my best and worst purchases so far this year, and I wanted to expand a little further on that subject and talk about Stylebook, the app I use to track my wardrobe, and just some general thoughts and goals I have for my wardrobe for the rest of this year!

I posted something about Stylebook on Instagram Stories a while back, and I was asked by a number of people what it was, so to briefly explain, it is an app, currently only available for Apple users (GlamOutfit is a similar Android app), that acts as a virtual closet, allowing you to build outfits and track various things about your wardrobe (color, original price, cost per wear, etc.). I have been using it since the beginning of January.

Without writing a full essay, I will say that Stylebook has exceeded my expectations, and I will probably use it for a long, long time. The ability to see everything in my closet wherever I happen to be is invaluable to me. Stylebook also makes decision making a lot easier for me while I am shopping because I can easily see if I have any similar items and what pieces would work for the clothing item I am considering! My favorite thing about Stylebook, though, is being able to see the statistics for my wardrobe. I can easily see how often I have worn an item, how many outfits I have made from a particular item, what I wore three weeks ago, or what colors I have in my closet!

My least favorite part is having to find pictures of each item. There are two ways to put in your pictures: either from your own camera, or finding stock photos online. I much prefer the look of stock photos, but unfortunately, because a great deal of my wardrobe is thrifted, it is really difficult to find the exact items, or sometimes anything remotely close! This, of course, is not Stylebook’s fault at all, but something of which to be aware!

Now, using Stylebook, let’s take a quickish field trip into my outfits for the first half of 2018!


My most worn item in January was, of course, my favorite watch. I think that, going forward, I am going to stop adding my watches to my outfits, since it skews the statistics. Yes, I wear a watch everyday, but at this point, wearing a watch is essential for me, akin to wearing deodorant. No one needs to see the statistics on my deodorant habits.

Favorite January Outfit: 

Given my penchant for feminine outfits, the fact that this one is a favorite might come as a surprise to you! I wear some form of this outfit once a year for the sports day during Spirit Week at school. I rotate each year between wearing my husband’s high school basketball jersey and his JJ Redick jersey with a long sleeved black undershirt and then tucking the (very long) jersey into my black pencil skirt and adding black tights and Converse. Other than the sentimental value of wearing my husband’s jerseys, I don’t know why I love this outfit so much. Perhaps I’ll get a better picture of it next year!

Worst Outfit of January: 

This outfit wasn’t terrible, but also just sort of…meh. This skirt is borderline too short and a little too big in the waist, and the jacket is a tiny bit big as well. I think the skirt is going to Goodwill next time I go!


As you can tell, February is a full school month, so almost all of my outfits were quite dressy!

Best Outfit

do have a picture of this one! This outfit feels very “me:” a little classic, a little vintage, very feminine, and almost all thrifted!

Worst February Outfit: 

“Eeks” is all I have to say for this one. I think I need to either go searching for more black maxi skirt inspiration on Pinterest or just banish the skirt to Closet Purgatory because I don’t really like any of my current outfits that utilize it. *sigh*

March Outfits

This was the month we really started blogging, and also the month in which I started doing Shipt orders, so there is a big variety of sartorial highs and lows! Again, boo you, pesky watch, for ruining my stats!

Favorite March Outfit: 

Perhaps there were “better” outfits in March, but this one has my heart. I wore this outfit on our anniversary trip to Savannah, and thus it has some wonderful memories attached to it.

Worst March Outfit: 

Again, the maxi skirt!

Outfits like this make me think of the goose in Charlotte’s Web:

Templeton: [looking at a solitary unhatched egg] Why didn’t, uh, this one hatch?

Goose: [gloomily] It’s a dud, I guess.

I’m with the goose.

April Outfits: 

Two things to note: 1) This was the month of our missions trip, and 2) I apparently forgot to record two days of outfits. *hides under chair*

Best April Outfit: 

I think what I like the most about this one is that all of these outfit pieces are quite old, but still in constant use!

Worst April Outfit: 

I mentioned not being happy with this outfit before in my New Mexico Missions Trip post, and I still stand by that. The skirt ended up not working at all with the blouse, and the heels were too uncomfortable.

May Outfits: 

I can definitely tell that I was getting tired of school by the end of this month because my outfit creativity was just a little shaky!! Also, the favorite watch got dethroned by…my black pencil skirt. What a surprise!

Best May Outfit: 

I am still in love with this outfit. It encapsulates everything I want my Sunday outfits to be, and I’m not sure I can top it for the rest of the year!

Worst May Outfit

All together now: “It’s a dud, I guess.” In my defense, I was really ready to be done with school that day!!

June Outfits: 

What a…lovely month of Shipt orders! On one hand, it’s nice to not have to worry about putting together a good outfit, but on the other hand…I, um…hate it. Weirdly enough, this is my first time ever having a work uniform, and it took a little getting used to! I did not feel like myself for the longest time. Now, I try my hardest make sure that I am doing my hair and makeup and adding some simple accessories. I do not want to use a uniform as an excuse to look unpolished!

Best June Outfit: 

I think this is the most Pinteresty outfit I’ve worn this year! I could also easily see myself wearing this outfit five or ten years from now, and if, thirty years from now, my (currently nonexistent) small children see this picture, I think I’ll still love it, even if they protest (“Eww, Mom…why is your skirt sitting so high, and why are you wearing grandma pearls and stripes? Is that how all old ladies dressed back then?” “No, no, small children, only the cool old ladies.” *cue small children disowning me promptly*)

Ah yes, this day. The one day I left without rainboots and an umbrella and ended up getting caught in a horrific rainstorm while also carrying someone else’s six cases of soda and a watermelon. A moment I shall always treasure, I am sure.

That concludes this very interesting deep dive into my outfit history, which I am certain has been most scintillating and enthralling!

To wrap things up, a brief look into my most worn and most economical items:

And last of all, a few goals for the rest of the year:

  1. Banish items worn twice or less (excluding cold weather, special occasion items, etc.) to Wardrobe Purgatory aka The Spare Room Closet.
  2.  Reduce wardrobe size to less than 150 items (currently at 170ish, including jewelry and accessories).
  3. Focus on repeating outfits I love rather than coming up with new outfits using items I feel obligated to use.
  4. Work on replacing basics like my solid-colored cardigans, undershirts, neutral skirts, etc.
  5. Create a wardrobe “need” list to mitigate impulse buys.

And so, with those lofty goals set, I will say goodbye to all of you, and, as always, thank you for reading!

Happy Monday!



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