Teaching Outfits: July 30-August 3, The Cameo Edition

Good evening, dear readers!

Tonight’s post is brought to you by a lot of sugar. You see, school started on Monday, and I’ve been a ball of nerves, panic, and utter exhaustion since then! I have switched classes this year, from high school to an elementary class, and with staying later at school and the cramming of learning a new curriculum, I have not had a lot of extra time or energy. I did manage to take a quick shot of my outfits before leaving for work each day, and because we have just gotten home from a birthday party at which I ate an embarrassing amount of cake, I’m going to try take advantage of my sugar rush!

I have dubbed this set of photos “The Cameo Edition” because of my random cast of supporting characters and special appearances! A more apt name would have been “The Blazer Edition,” but I was afraid you guys would immediately close me out for featuring yet another set of blazer outfits. I am truly sorry.

Off We Go!

Monday Morning/Afternoon:

Skirt: Gift/Target, exactCPW: $0

Blouse: Loft Outlet, similarCPW: $1.24

Shoes: Thrifted/Target, similarCPW: $0.42

Necklace: gift/Irina’s Gems and Stamps

Total Cost Per Wear: $1.66

I wore this outfit for the last day of pre-planning. It features special appearances by my new chambray skirt, a birthday present from my youngest sister, and my new birthstone necklace, a birthday present from my mom. Yes, my birthday was this past weekend. Yes, I do have to wear new things immediately.

Cameo Appearance: my very stylish Florida Gators Tervis cup and mini curriculum notebook.

Monday Evening: 

Skirt: Thrifted/hand-me-down from Gus, similarCPW: $0.00

Blouse: Gift/Ann Taylor, similarCPW: $0.00

Shoes: Gift/DSW, exactCPW: $0.00

Blazer: Banana Republic (RIP), similarCPW: $6.00*

*denotes items purchased before using Stylebook

Total Cost Per Wear: $4.00

Wearing alllllllllll the birthday gifts, you see!

My mom found this lovely blouse at a thrift store for me several weeks ago, and I knew immediately that I wanted to wear it for Orientation, and I did! I paired it with a charcoal pencil skirt, my navy blazer that I thrifted at Goodwill over the summer (mentioned in this post), and my new blush flats (the blush color is neutral enough that, on me, I think they read as nude, so I’ve been wearing them as such, and no one has noticed. Yet.)

Cameo appearance: my dry shampoo, as seen on my left blazer lapel (I spent a good seven minutes on the way to school frantically scrubbing it off. A good start to the year, no?)


Skirt: Thrifted/Rafaella,similarCPW: $0.71*

Blouse: The Limited (RIP), similarCPW: $1.72*

Blazer: Thrifted/Banana Republic, similarCPW: $3.00

Shoes: Gift/DSW, exactCPW: $0.00

Total Cost Per Wear: $5.43

I always like to start the school year off with a really professional outfit, and this was my choice for this year. I repeated the flats and navy blazer (sans dry shampoo) from the night before, then added a white blouse and grey pencil skirt. I looked very competent in this outfit, but felt rather incompetent. You know what “they” say, though: “Fake it ’til you make it!”

Cameo appearance: the frazzled ends of my hairs, correctly portraying the state of my nerves.


Skirt: Van Heusen, similar CPW: $2.28

Blouse: Thrifted/Ann Taylor,similarCPW: $0.79

Blazer: Hand-me-down from a friend/Kohl’s, similarCPW: $0.00

Shoes: gift/DSW, similarCPW: $0.00

Total Cost Per Wear: $3.07

Alright, my sugar is wearing off, so let’s get succinct: I liked this outfit.

Cameo appearance: Banana



Skirt: stolen from Gus/Rafaella, similarCPW: $0.00

Blouse: JC Penney,similarCPW: ? (It’s extremely old)

Blazer: thrifted/F21, similarCPW: $1.24

Shoes: Naturalizer, similarCPW: $1.83*

Total Cost Per Wear: $3.17

Let me illustrate to you how tired I was this week: every night, I stared in my closet trying to come up with something that went with my black flats, and didn’t come up with this outfit until Thursday morning. *shakes head sadly at self*

Cameo Appearance: elbow ruffles


Skirt: Poshmark/Kohl’s; similarCPW: $13.49

Blouse: Thrifted/Talbots; similar, CPW: $1.99*

Blazer: Thrifted/The Limited (RIP), similarCPW: $0.24

Purse: Poshmark/Kate Spade CPW: $46.49

Shoes: gift/exact

Total Cost Per Wear: $15.72

You guys, I finally found a new (well, to me, anyway) black pleated skirt, and I am so elated! I have looked for so long for a replacement black pleated skirt, and a few weeks ago, I finally thought to look on Poshmark! I found several I liked and ended up ordering two. The first was much smaller than it looked online (too small even for my youngest sister!), but this one was just the right size!

And, speaking of Poshmark, please allow me to segue to my last Cameo Appearance: my new purse, which you’ll be seeing repeatedly for at least the next year! I used some birthday money to get it, and I love it endlessly. It is my first Kate Spade purse, and it checked all the items off my list:

  • classic
  • not a solid neutral (my last several purses have been tan or gray)
  • top handle
  • crossbody
  • pebbled leather
  • pretty lining

I typically buy myself one handbag a year, usually with birthday money, and this is the fastest I have ever decided on one! Normally, my search drags into September or October, and I get pickier and pickier until I dejectedly drop my standards. That, thankfully, did not happen this time, and I think I am going to do my purse shopping on Poshmark from now on! I was able to find a lot of great options, and many shoppers were willing to negotiate pricing! I ended up buying this purse for $20 less than it was listed!

I never know how to conclude a post, so…um, that’s it! I’m off to bed!!!

Happy Saturday!













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