If the Trend Fits…

Skirt: Ross, similarCPW: $0.66*

Blouse: Passed down from Gus, who bought it from Goodwill, originally Lauren Conrad for Kohls, similarCPW: $0.00

Sandals: Target, similarCPW: $0.75*

*denotes items purchased before using Stylebook

Total Cost Per Wear: $1.41

Hello everyone!

Tonight, I wanted to share this simple outfit I wore for my niece and nephew’s birthday party down at my grandparents’ on Saturday! I have not posted this on Instagram yet, so if you follow us there, then I guess this post counts as spoilers! I am not sure if this breaks some sort of social media rule? But since Gus and I somehow had a plethora of outfits to post over the weekend, this one is getting bumped to Tuesday in our ~posting schedule~, so here we are!

Let’s talk about this outfit, shall we? The only real point of interest here is this blouse. If you have been following along for any length of time, you know that I have talked (probably way too much) about avoiding trends. Without wasting too much more of your time waxing eloquent on the same topic, I think trying to avoid trends helps me to save money on my clothes in the long run. I also get a little frustrated with how monotonous it is when everyone is following the same trends! (If only I had a nickel for every summer outfit post with a white eyelet blouse, denim, block heel sandals, and straw circle bag!!) All that being said…um…here I am in a really trendy blouse. Physician, heal thyself!

I guess I should defend myself, so I’ll pull the classic sibling move and say, “It’s Gus’s fault!” I got this blouse because of this post. Gus sent it to me to check over before she posted it, and I immediately texted back that I needed all of the adorable patterned blouses that she was calling “duds.” A few days later, she dropped off a bag of pretty blouses, and out of them all, this one was my favorite!

What can I say? Vaguely vintage, soft florals are my catnip! In about two years, I’m afraid that this mint color and fluffy sleeves are going to be extremely dated, but for now, they’re so pretty that I can’t resist! I have worn this blouse twice over the past few weeks, the first time with a light grey pencil skirt and blush flats, and this time, with a denim skirt and simple strappy sandals.

The backdrop is a place I have visited many times, the pond at my grandparents’. Back “in the day,” Gus and I and our multitude of siblings spent many an afternoon with our grandfather, fishing from this old, rather rickety bridge that, as Gus says, is held together by “faith and rust.”

There are quite a few pictures of us on this bridge from one of those fishing trips. Somehow, we haven’t been able to persuade Mom to burn them yet! I remember my outfit and hair vividly: long, floral prairie skirt with a giant ribbon of lace edging the hem, thick white socks and chunky white tennis shoes, a shapeless white henley, and hair that can only be described as “swamp creature.” Let’s just say that these pictures are a vast improvement!

Of course, ten years from now, I’ll probably be sitting with my tiny small children trying to explain why I was standing on a dilapidated bridge looking pensively towards the middle distance and wearing the ~most 2018 blouse ever~, but I guess I have a while to come up with a good excuse.

Perhaps I’ll just blame Gus again! 😉

Happy Sunday!


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