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Hello all,

It’s been ages, I know. The awkward thing is- I have no epic excuse for not blogging lately. I’m just a horrible couch potato, of the most unproductive varieties. So here we go. Recently, I had the privilege to go to California for a bit to drop off my little sister at college. Having never been out there, I had very mixed opinions already in place. The scenery was gorgeous. San Francisco and Pier 39 were beautiful, and there were mountains everywhere. I made a few observations while I was there which I would like to share with all of you fine individuals:

  1. No humidity works wonders for hairstyles. I was amazed and only hope that God eventually directs me to a place with less humidity than Florida because I would save so much time and effort.
  2. Peet’s Coffee is not as good as Starbucks. I was really hoping they would be, but I tried a latte, a drip coffee, and a macchiato, and none were as tasty. Maybe I just caught them on a few bad days. Also, my mom swore up and down that she saw Arnold Palmer at the local Peet’s, and I’m inclined to believe her only because I was expecting to see so many celebrities and didn’t see a single one. Very disappointing. Anyways, Dunkin is still my favorite šŸ˜€
  3. Cows are much more vocal in California. Every hike, walk, or park that we went to included herds of cows meandering about the adjacent hills. They were so loud! I don’t know what’s in the grass out there, but it’sĀ hadĀ distinct effectsĀ on theĀ vocal chords of the livestock.
  4. One should never hike in cheap loafers and stiff jean skirts. I think I pulled every muscle in my lower body while climbing all eight miles ofĀ Mission Peak, and I still haven’t recovered. The loafers were ruined,Ā in case you were wondering. May they rest in peace.
  5. Fifth and finally- Ross is so much better out in Cali! They had an insaneĀ amount of clearance items and all of their sweaters and shirts were such good prices. I definitely came back with more clothes and shoes….. my poor suitcase.

I didn’t get a photo of every outfit of every day because my little sister found my dedication to our Instagram account quite annoying, but she did kindly take a few of the good ones and did quite well. I will really miss her. (Also, she braided my hair over night for the featured image, and it came out amazing!)

I bolted for the fountain becauseĀ I thought it would be different, and didn’t notice until afterwards that Chipotle was lurking behind me. Oh, well. This dress is literally one of my all-time favorite pieces of fabric. It travels so well, and the colors are so vibrant. Technically, it’sĀ redo, a but, um, I’m supporting Mexican food this time, so it’s different. šŸ™‚

The dress is from Target, as you probably already know, as is the sweater, belt, and shoes. The sweater was thrifted however. Thank you, Round Robin.

Underneath the red jacket is a nice striped shirt which I managed to knot without it looking too hideous, but it was so chilly in Monterey that I was too afraid to take it off, even just for a picture. I would have died of frostbite, and Jo would have to blog about my funeral outfit. So here we are. This jacket from Aeropostale is the perfect amount of thickness, especially for Florida’s weather. For some reason, the pockets are at just the perfect height which is a bonus. šŸ™‚

The shoes were one of my Ross finds while we were there. I’ve been searching and hunting for shoes like these and even went to the Ross by my house, but did not see them. Lo and behold, they were there and only about $15.00. Extra blessings. The skirt is my trusty Old Navy one, and the striped t-shirt is from Target. I feel like I should point out that the laugh in this photo is completely authentic because my sister would not stop giggling and over-exaggerating her photographer squat.

This was the outfit that I wore flying out to California. Definitely nothing fancy, but it was sure comfy. I’m always cold so I wanted to wear some sort of layers, though thin, onto the plane. The shirt and sandals were gifts, so I’m actually not sure of their origins, but they’re both super versatile and comfortable. I bought this sweater at Uptown Cheapskate last fall and wore it way too often last season. It goes with so much! The skirt is from the Loft and has been through many years of use. I really need to find a replacement, but it’s so hard.

I’ve been looking for a striped shirt like this for a long time. Typically, they’re just a little too short or a little too young for me, but this one I felt like was just right for me. So sorry for a repeat of the jean skirt and Ross shoes. I had to pack a very small suitcase, for the record. This was taken right after I ate a bowl of egg-free cookie dough at one of the adorable shops on Pier 39. No wonder I look so happy!

The shirt was also another Uptown Cheapskate find. I’m probably their most loyal customer.

Finally! A different jean skirt! You can all relax now, knowing I have more than one denim skirt in my wardrobe. This is the skirt that I took on Mission Peak so I have a new found respect for it, for sure. It was simply a Goodwill find of long ago. The sneakers are a Target clearance find, while the shirt is of unknown origins. Sorry šŸ™ But it’s so soft! The cardigan is the same one from the airport outfit. We were just sitting in the car most of the day so I didn’t want to go all out.

And last but not least, my farewell outfit. Sorry for the repeat pieces. Did I mention my suitcase was really small?

I’ve already mentioned where I got all of the pieces except the sweater. This little gem was bought at Ross while galivanting across California. It was only $8.00, and it hangs so nicely. Also, if you know Jo and I any at all, you know we like our stripes šŸ˜‰

Well, there you have it. A lowly blogger’s attempt to look half-way decent while visiting a new state, church, and college. Next time, I’ll bring larger suitcases.

Please be prepared to see these black casual shoes many times in the future. I’m addicted. Have a great week!


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