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Welcome to our blog!

We are among the most unlikely people to ever start a fashion blog. We grew up in a large, homeschooled family, and clothes were not a high priority. We were happy with whatever we were given to wear! After we went off to college, we both became interested in dressing well, while not spending a lot of money (we were still poor college students.)

Now, we are no longer poor college students, but we are very active in our church and in various ministries. Gus works for an insurance company, and I work as a high school teacher for a small, private school. We do not have a great deal of money to spend on clothing, but we are convinced that dressing well and dressing modestly do not have to cost a great deal of money. Our blog is not necessarily meant to be aspirational, but to show that, by scouring clearance racks, hunting in thrift and consignment stores, and splurging carefully, anyone can have a closet of which to be proud!

Last but not least, Gus and Jo are not our real names. Gus’s nickname comes from her first name, and mine comes from my middle name. Neither of us has ever gone by Gus or Jo, but together they sound like a hipster clothing company. Or so we’re going to pretend.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Jo (probably picked this nickname after Joanna Gaines made it cool again)

Soli Deo Gloria


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